Dear Aliwaley Viewers: We are small non-profit organization that runs Live Shia Islamic Channel website from Mumbai covering all live telecast internationally. We have only few staff but we serve the whole shia community across the world with more than millions of viewer hitting on our website daily, we have costs like any other top sites: servers, powers, rent, programs, and staff. Aliwaley is something special. Its a channel for the Lovers of Imam Hussain (as). To protect our independence, well never run ads. We run purely on Donations, if everyone watching the live stream will give at least 100 Rupees, we will be able to pay our expenses without any hindrances and can have lots of new contents, if Aliwaley is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online for another year. Please help us to overcome our expenses and take part in serving the greatest cause, to promote the message of the mission of Bibi Paak (sa). Thank You

Team Matamdari

Ruhi wa Jismi Lakal Fidaa

Team Matamdari

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"Promoting Azadari through every bytes worldwide" this website is operated by Non Profit organisation Aliwaley Islamic Network and the live media streaming is being provide by Third Party Service. AIN TV doesn't hold any authority over the non islamic ads shown during live streaming. Viewers can avoid the ads  by either subscribing with the Third Party service for $3.99 per month by Premium membership which is not concerned with this website its totally direct service by the third part or You can keep a watch on ads and just skip whenerver it comes at the lowest bar.

Azadaars are requested to remember us in thier dua and also pray for us so that we purchase our own server for Live Streaming.


You Can Watch Live also on Your
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Go to application store and download ustream (its totally free). once downloaded and after installation in search category type " aliwaley " , you get a pic of Nauha Khwan than click on that, now watch it live.